A Trust is a legal document that allows you to avoid Probate and give more of your assets to your loved ones.

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A will is a Probate document that directs your estate into the Probate Court at a substantial expense - most people need more than just a Will.

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Estate Planning

 Everyone should  plan for the gifting of their assets. Without a plan, your assets may not be given to those whom you intended to have them.

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We all want our  Estate Assets to go to those people  whom we have designated in our will or Trust. Without some planning, your assets may not  go to those people.  If you do not have a plan,   your State Government  and their Statutes will decide who  will get your assets. With some basic estate  planning, you can set up a solid Estate Plan that will ensure  your intended beneficiaries will  receive the assets you left behind for them to have.   Your estate is made up of all of your assets.  Assets are made up of the property you own  and include  things like your  cars, home, bank accounts, jewelry, clothing,  tools, electronics, equipment , furniture, etc.  Most people should   do some type of estate planning. Whatever type or extent of  estate plan you do  is not only  for your own peace of mind,  but the primary reason to do some planning is to make things easier for the family you leave  behind.

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